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D&K Wholesale

 A wide range of Oriental rugs from small to oversize

from one-of-a-kind to program pieces

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D&K Wholesale


Scarsdale Rugs Showroom

Dilmaghani’s renowned reputation spans five generations!

Our 125-year company history is unique in today’s rug trade.

Dilmaghani is known throughout the country and global rug weaving area for integrity in business transactions and quality products.


Brewster Rug Warehouse Outlet

In 2006 Kashandia joined Dilmaghani to form D & K Wholesale, based in Brewster NY.

The addition of the Kashandia name and team brings experience and innovation backed by an industry respected name in producing and importing fine carpets.

D&K WHolesale

Based in Brewster, NY

D&K Wholesale
D&K Wholesale
D&K Wholesale
D&K Wholesale
D&K Wholesale

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Dilmaghani and Kashandia

Dilmaghani & Kashandia

Two friendly competitors have united to form a company. Dennis Dilmaghani, president of Dilmaghani in Scarsdale, NY, and Essy Kashanian, president of Kashandia Carpet Corp. in Secaucus, NY, recently announced the formation of D&K Wholesale, headquartered in Brewster, NY.

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D&K Wholesale