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Hali 800 Rugs

a superb collection of program lines
to enhance your showroom display of fine rugs

6x9 Hali 801 Rug in Burgundy and Moss
6×9 Hali 801 Rug
Burgundy and Moss
8x10 Hali 803 Rug in Chutney and Straw
8×10 Hali 803 Rug
Chutney and Straw
6x9 Hali 804 Rug in Burgundy and Beige
6×9 Hali 804 Rug
Burgundy and Beige
4x6 Hali 805 Rug in Ivory and Rust
4×6 Hali 805 Rug
Ivory and Rust
9x12 Hali 806 Rug in Ivory and Moss
9×12 Hali 806 Rug
Ivory and Moss
5x9 Hali 808 Rug in Maroon and Gold
5×9 Hali 808 Rug
Maroon and Gold
5x9 Hali 809 Rug in Black and Beige
5×9 Hali 809 Rug
Black and Beige
6x9 Hali 811 Rug in Ivory and Beige
6×9 Hali 811 Rug
Ivory and Beige
12x15 Hali 813 Rug in Beige and Charcoal
12×15 Hali 813 Rug
Beige and Charcoal
8x10 Hali 816 Rug in Rust and Straw
8×10 Hali 816 Rug
Rust and Straw
5x9 Hali 815 Rug in Black and Sage
5×9 Hali 815 Rug
Black and Sage
12x12 Hali 817 Rug in Burgundy and Toffee
12×12 Hali 817 Rug
Burgundy and Toffee
6x9 Hali 818 Rug in Burgundy and Sesame
6×9 Hali 818 Rug
Burgundy and Sesame
5x9 Hali 819 Rug in Burgundy and Beige
5×9 Hali 819 Rug
Burgundy and Beige