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Kelli Rugs

a superb collection of program lines
to enhance your showroom display of fine rugs

10x14 Kelli 07 Rug in Beige and Brown
10×14 Kelli 07 Rug
Beige and Brown
3x12 Kelli 07p Rug in Burgundy and Gold
3×12 Kelli 07p Rug
Burgundy and Gold
6x9 Kelli 07t Rug in Beige and Brown
6×9 Kelli 07t Rug
Beige and Brown
12x15 Kelli 09 Rug in Gold and Burgundy
12×15 Kelli 09 Rug
Gold and Burgundy
1x2 Kelli 15 Rug in Black
1×2 Kelli 15 Rug
8x10 Kelli 19 Rug in Light Gold and Dark Blue
8×10 Kelli 19 Rug
Light Gold and Dark Blue
9x12 Kelli 20 Rug in Light Gold
9×12 Kelli 20 Rug
Light Gold
9x12 Kelli 22a Rug in Antique Ivory
9×12 Kelli 22a Rug
Antique Ivory
8x10 Kelli 21 Rug in Black
8×10 Kelli 21 Rug
9x12 Kelli 42 Rug in Ivory and Olive
9×12 Kelli 42 Rug
Ivory and Olive
6x9 Kelli 69 Rug in Red
6×9 Kelli 69 Rug
6x9 Kelli 59 Rug in Dark Blue
6×9 Kelli 59 Rug
Dark Blue
8x10 Kelli I Rug in Light Beige and Beige
8×10 Kelli I Rug
Light Beige and Beige
10x14 Kelli 99 Rug in Dark Red and Black
10×14 Kelli 99 Rug
Dark Red and Black
1x2 Kelli lnb Rug in Dark Blue and Ivory
1×2 Kelli lnb Rug
Dark Blue and Ivory
8x10 Kelli K Rug in Antique Ivory and Black
8×10 Kelli K Rug
Antique Ivory and Black